Great New Desktop Patterns Available

Mando Gomez has added 77 breathtaking new desktop images to the already impressive collection at the Mandolux Web site. The most recent pictures are part of a group called Waterfall/Panorama. Available at high resolutions, these images can make any desktop look better. According to Mr. Gomez:

I just want to share with you that has just posted 77 newdesktops. The title of these desktops is "Waterfall/Panorama."

This update represents the 330 desktop issued so far in the month of January byMando Gomez. It is in the best of my knowledge that this represents a new recordfor any isinglei individual to have achieved on the Internet. The desktop jihad isgoing strong and will finish with a bang!

But this update is different from the others because the resolution of thedesktops is only 1600x1200. The reason of this is because of the nature of thedesktops -- changing the size represents serious constraints to the quality of thedesktop and another reason why only 1600x1200 is because I refuse to crop them(they would look yucky and cramped).

You can find these desktops, and a wide array of others, at the Mandolux Web site.