Griffin Brings Serial Support To The Cube

Griffin Technology is shipping a serial port adapter for Appleis G4 Cube, the CubePort. The CubePort takes advantage of the Cubeis modem port providing unparrelled support for the full range of serial perhipherals, including printers and Palm devices. According to Griffin:

Griffin Technology, Inc. today annouced they are shipping the CubePort universal serial port adapter for G4 Cubes. The CubePort is the first and currently the only G4 Cube specific product available. The CubePort uses the G4 Cubeis modem port to provide iboard leveli compatibility that does not exist in other serial adapter solutions. The CubePort supports all serial devices that worked with previous Macs including PDAis, modems, digital cameras, midi, lab equipment, and serial printers. The CubePortis serial support is so complete it even supports Localtalk file sharing and printing.

iMate Driver Update
Griffin has posted version 2.51 of the iMate USB to ADB driver. Version 2.51 has a fix to allow the IPD Alphasmart input devices to work with the 2.x version of the iMate driver. Additionally there is a fix for situations where the iMate control panel would not work. The recently posted version 2.5 includes a fix for MacAlly 2 button mice to allow them to work with the custom Point Device software. Also 2.5 has a fix for some ADB keyboards that would start up with the CAPS LOCJ enabled. 2.5 also fixes ADB reinits with some other devices including AppleVision, ColorSync, and Studio Displays. ADB reinits are called when awakening from sleep on most Macs.

iMate and OS X
The current iMate driver that supports all custom ADB drivers should be supported under the shipping version of OS X. Apple has stated that they will support USB drivers under the Classic mode in the shipping OS X version. We also expect to have a beta version prior to final OS X shipping version that will support devices that use custom drivers or communications protocals like trackballs, hardware protection dongles, drawing tablets, and joysticks directly in OS X. Currently under OS X, keyboards, mice, bar code scanners and many other devices that do not require custom drivers already work.

The CubePort is available for US$49. You can find more information at the Griffin Technology web site.