Griffin Ships Flashlight/Laser Pointer for iPod

Griffin Technology has announced that the iBeam, the companyis flashlight and laser pointer for iPods, is shipping. The iBeam is actually two devices in one, one flashlight and one laser pointer.

Both units attach to your iPod via the headphone jack, and both come with snap on covers to protect them when not in use. The laser pointer is a class III laser, meaning it is consumer-friendly, but that you shouldnit point it at your, or anyone elseis, eyes.

"The iBeam package is the ultimate stocking stuffer for iPod owners everywhere," said Andrew Green, VP Marketing & Design at Griffin in a prepared statement. "Itis so geeky and fun that you just canit stop playing with it - especially the laser pointer, it drives my cat crazy. When you buy yours, get two. When your friends see these things, they always seem to disappear…"

The iBeam(s) at work.

The iBeam(s) at rest.

You can find more information on the iBeam at Griffinis Web site. The product lists for US$19.99.