Griffin Takes iTrip, Paints it Black

Griffin Technology has announced a black version of the iTrip -- the iTrip-Black -- to match Appleis new iPod U2 Special Edition. The iTrip is Griffinis FM transmitter that allows iPod owners to wirelessly broadcast their iPod to their car or home stereo. The iPod U2 Special Edition is a black iPod with a red click wheel that features the signatures of U2is members on the back. Steve Jobs announced the product at a special event in San Jose, CA, on Tuesday.

To our knowledge, Griffinis iTrip-Black is the first special accessory announced for Appleis special edition iPod.

"The iTrip-Black is the only accessory worthy of the beautiful new iPod U2 Special Edition," said Andrew Green, VP Marketing & Design in a statement. "Itis jet-black body will snap on top and broadcast iUnder a Blood Red Skyi to my car stereo or home Hi-Fi all day."

The iTrip and iTrip-Black is controlled through oneis iPod. The unit can broadcast to over 200 FM frequencies, and draws its power directly from the iPod.

Paint it, paint it, paint it...paint it black.

The unit is priced at US$35, the same as its white counterpart. It is expected to ship by the end of November. You can find more information at Griffinis Web site.