Griffin Tech Releases PowerWave Control .05 For Audio Adjusting

Griffin Technology has released a new utility for the PowerWave users, the PowerWave Control .05. PowerWave Control is a sound utility designed to work directly with the PowerWave USB amplifier. PowerWave Control provides users with the ability to adjust sound quality. According to Griffin Technology:

Griffin Technology, Inc. today announced the release of PowerWave Control .05, free software that adds Volume, Input Gain, Bass and Treble control to the Mac when used with a PowerWave USB Audio Interface. This software gives sound shaping control to applications that previously had none - such as web browsers streaming music or audio.

PowerWave Control .05 includes an adjustable input gain control. This allows users to adjust their sound input level when recording music or voice into the Mac. This is especially useful for people recording sound into iMovie. Although iMovie can record voiceovers and music directly, it has no way of adjusting the level of sound being recorded. The combination of PowerWave Control .05 software and the PowerWave gives this very important control back to the user.

PowerWave Control .05 software is designed to work exclusively with the Griffin PowerWave. The PowerWave USB Audio Interface & Desktop Amplifier is a powerful and extremely flexible computer audio tool. With it owners can record any mic or line input into their computer.

You can find more information about the PowerWave Control release Web site. PowerWave Control is available as freeware.