Griffine Releases USB Audio Controller

Griffin Technology has released a beta version of their USB audio controller, iMic Control. iMic Control allows users to have precise control over their USB based audio equipment by offering specialized controls for things such as treble and bass output. According to Griffin:

Griffin Technology, Inc. today released a beta version of their iMic Control utility for their popular iMic universal USB audio input and output adapter. Version 1.0b6 of the iMic Control gives users a new level of control for USB audio devices. It includes output control over bass, treble, volume, mute, and balance. It also includes control over audio input gain. In conjunction with the iMicis built in preamp, the audio gain control provides remarkably fine control and quality over the computeris audio input. The iMic Control can be downloaded free of charge from Griffin Tecnologyis web site.

With the new utility, the iMic provides audio features that have never before been available with the built-in audio on Macs. The input and output processing is handled by the iMicis built in DSP which means that changing the output tone or input gain does not use any additional processing power from your computer. Further, since these functions are handled on the adapter, they work within any application. That means users of programs like iTunes can now have greater control of their audio output than was previously available.

iMac Control is available for US$35. You can find more information at the Griffin Technology Web site.