Group Logic Demonstrates ExtremeZ-IP 2.0

Group Logic will be demonstrating version 2.0 of their file and print server at Seybold this week, ExtremeZ-IP. ExtremeZ-IP is the ideal solution for Macs running off Windows NT/2000 networks. The new version will provide additional features and performance enhancements. According to Group Logic:

Group Logic will be showing ExtremeZ-IPis performance advantages as well as its new support for IP-based printing at Seybold San Francisco 2000 in booth #2609 at the Moscone Center.

ExtremeZ-IP has been enhanced to support IP-based printing from Macintosh computers. Using industry standard protocols, Macintosh clients can print directly to an ExtremeZ-IP server without using AppleTalk and without adding additional software to the Macintosh client. Printing from Macintosh clients is significantly faster using TCP/IP, allowing creative professionals to spend more time on their real tasks and less time waiting for their jobs to print. Furthermore, administrators can now complete their transition to an IP-only network by eliminating AppleTalk. In the past, ExtremeZ-IP allowed file services to be moved to TCP/IP solutions, but networks still needed AppleTalk in order to offer printing services. Now with ExtremeZ-IP 2.0 and this new IP printing option, AppleTalk is no longer needed at all.

Once print jobs have been received by the ExtremeZ-IP server, it can deliver them to several output devices, including Windows printers, AppleTalk printers, and hot folders (special output directories where the job can be processed by additional software such as a RIP or OPI server). ExtremeZ-IP 2.0 also includes optional software for automatically configuring printers on Macintosh workstations to be able to use IP printing facilities.

ExtremeZ-IP 2.0 includes upgrades to its core file server including:

  • Faster Sherlock searches
  • Remote administration
  • Complete desktop database support
  • Better support for adjusting permissions
  • Additional improvements for better integration with other Macintosh and NT applications

ExtremeZ-IP 2.0 is available for different prices according to configuration (starting from US$344) and you can find more information about it at Group Logicis site.