Group Logic To Smooth Vio Users Switch To MassTransit

With the recent announcement that Vio will discontinue their private file-sharing products and services, Group Logic aims to help users switch to their networked file-transfer system, MassTransit. MassTransit allows users to easily share files and documents over a secure network, allowing for simple, uninterrupted workflow. According to Group Logic:

Group Logic, a leading vendor of network workflow software and services to the print media industry in North America and Europe, announced today that it has developed a transition plan to migrate customers of Vio Worldwide to Group Logicis award-winning MassTransit Enterprise file transfer software, following Viois announcement that it will discontinue its private network file transfer services by June 30.

MassTransit Enterprise 4.0, a recipient of the Hot Picks recognition at the recent Seybold Seminars tradeshow, is easy-to-use, plug-and-play software that can be implemented quickly, with no disruption of file transfer capability. Vio customers have several options for obtaining network bandwidth for using MassTransit Enterprise. They can use any existing Internet connections not provided by Vio; take advantage of telecommunications providersi offers to convert Viois T-1 or E-1 connections to Internet connections; or obtain telecommunications services with assistance from Group Logic and its distributors.

MassTransit Enterprise provides all the features Vio customers are accustomed to as well as the freedom to choose telecommunications providers. It will allow former Vio customers to perform file transfer using a Web browser or hot folders, providing familiar interfaces and extreme ease of use for operators of all skill levels. Files and folder hierarchies can be transmitted using the same simple drag-and-drop operation. The product also offers email notification, logging and tracking, and remote proofing capabilities.

Through an exclusive arrangement with Group Logic, MassTransit Enterprise is distributed and supported in the United Kingdom and Europe by 2Di Ltd., which was founded last year by former Vio senior executives who foresaw the current trend toward the use of affordable, customizable software solutions for managing file transfer needs.

You can find more information about MassTransit at the Group Logic Web site.