Group Wants Apple To Update The Recent Firmware Update

Dave Dasilva has started a petition in an attempt to get Apple to release another firmware update, this one re-enabling RAM that the most recent firmware update disabled. When Apple released OS X last week, they also announced firmware updates for many of their newer machines. Users that installed the update found, in many cases, that some or all of their RAM was no longer read by their machines.

What seems to have happened is that the new firmware is less tolerant of sub-standard RAM. Whatever the reason, many users are unhappy that some or all of their RAM is no longer functional, and want Apple to do something about it. According to Mr. Dasilva:

A web page has been set up to guide users adversely affected by Appleis recent Firmware updates to a petition requesting an immediate fix from Apple:

As you already know, many of us have lost a production machine to this update, with no fix or official response from Apple in regards to the situation one full week after the issue became known.

Please help us encourage Apple to do the right thing.

Dax Dasilva

You can find more information about Appleis firmware updates at the Apple Web site.