Guess Which Computer Is Most Reliable, At Least Down Under...

In the land of kangaroos and koala bears (which arenit really bears, but then, you knew that) users of Macs have a lot to smile about. Computers, in general, canit match the reliability of, say, a brick or a washing machine. Still, The Melbourne Herald Sun reports that our Aussie brothers and sisters say that the humble Macintosh is the most reliable desktop computer, according to the Australian Consumers Association. The Melbourne Herald Sun says this:

An estimated 650 of every 1000 Australians now owns a computer. Australian Consumers Association spokeswoman Gail Kennedy said buyers deserved better.

She said cutting-edge digital technology in computers made them more complicated than washing machines and lawn mowers, but that didnit mean they should be any less reliable.

"Itis not up to the consumer to bear the brunt of unreliability," Ms Kennedy said. "This is the latest technology. Arguably, in peopleis minds, it should also be the greatest.

"If it falls down when people want to use it, then thatis a significant problem."

Apple desk-top computers were rated the most reliable: 86 per cent required no repairs in the past 12 months.

Next most-reliable were Dell desk-tops (83 per cent), IBM desk-tops (83), Hewlett-Packard desk-tops (81), Toshiba notebooks (79) and Compaq desk-tops (77).

Check out the rest of the short but enlightening article at the Herald Sunis website.