Guy Kawasaki's Top Ten Tips for Leopard Upgrade

One of the Apple worldis luminaries, Guy Kawasaki, has posted his top ten tips for upgrading to Mac OS X Leopard. He suggested we reconsider Leopardis implementation of Spotlight and take a close look at Leopardis file sharing ins-and-outs.

For those who are still contemplating the upgrade to Leopard, Mr Kawasaki has provided some thoughtful tips. Some may appear obvious at first sight, but all bear a closer look at the juicy details.

Highlights include:

#2. Update all third party software before an upgrade. Some haxies lingering in Tiger could cause problems with an upgrade.

#4. Reconsider Spotlight. If you were put off by Spotlight in Tiger, reconsider. Leopard fixes all the things that were wrong with Spotlight in Tiger.

#5. Leopard brings back a long lost feature of Mac OS 9: individual folders that can be shared as network volumes.

#9. Users should note that Apple has replaced FTP sharing with Secure FTP (SFTP). Unfortunately there is no user interface to specify individual folder access. So SFTP is really better suited to a useris own remote access back to a Mac.

#10. Mr. Kawasaki highlighted a few tricks in Spaces that may escape immediate notice. That is, how to drag an application from once space to another via F8 as well as exploit Expose triggers to bring a particular window frontmost, "all in one amazing move."

Mr. Kawasakiis tips are fun, crisp and to the point. They provide some key insights for any user whois planning for the migration to Leopard.