HELIOS LanTest Updated With OS X Support

HELIOS Software GmbH has released an update for HELIOS LanTest, bringing it to version 3.1 LanTest is a utility designed for testing network server performance. The update brings OS X compatibility to the product. According to HELIOS Software GmbH:

HELIOS Software GmbH, a leading developer of network and prepress server solutions, announced the release of HELIOS LanTest for Mac OS X.

Used widely throughout the networking industry as a standard testing, diagnostic and benchmarking tool, HELIOS LanTest helps users determine network server volume and local hard disk performance.

HELIOS LanTest testing includes:

  • Create, open, and delete files
  • Write/Read throughput test
  • File locking performance
  • Printing and spooling performance testing
  • Single user and multi-user server testing

You can find more information about the HELIOS LanTest update at the HELIOS Software GmbH Web site. LanTest pricing can be obtained by contacting the HELIOS sales team.