HIRO Launches Ad Supported Video Downloads

HIRO announced the launch of the Mac version of its video download solution that allows Apple Macintosh users to view free, ad-supported videos.

With the HIRO solution, both Mac and PC users can download videos playable with either Windows Media Player or QuickTime. The videos include seamless, dynamic ads that are based on user preferences can be changed from viewing to viewing.

The service will launch first in Israel with U.S. and Australian service to follow in 2008.

"With the HIRO Media solution, users can download films and programs directly from content providers? websites, via P2P networks or from social networking sites, straight to their PCis and Mac?s. The file can be viewed when the user is online or offline, delivering complete freedom and choice," HIROis announcement said.

"Mac users are now able to download movies legally, on their own terms which they can watch whenever, and however they like," added Ronny Golan, Co-Founder & CEO of HIRO Media. "With the added Mac flexibility, the HIRO system further delivers an experience that meets the demands of the consumer while offering a viable solution for content providers and advertisers."

The service was based on the motivation by content owners and distributors to provide a cross-platform system that would support embedded, targeted ads. "Now they have it," the HIRO CEO said.