HP Lands Major Lucasfilm Contract (UPDATED)

HP announced Wednesday that it had struck a three year deal with Lucasfilm that will see the companyis Industrial Light and Magic special effects house use HP hardware and software to design visual effects for its games and films.

HP said the deal was worth millions and would see Lucasfilm take delivery of more than 1,000 high-powered HP systems, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Itis unclear whether Apple had bid for the Lucasfilm contract. Apple and Lucasfilm have had a long-standing working relationship. The two companies partnered to deliver trailers and other footage from the recent Star Wars trilogy exclusively in Appleis QuickTime format.

(This article originally included the text "and Lucasfilm employed 600 Power Mac G5s to tackle the task of bringing the original Star Wars trilogy to DVD." That task, however, was accomplished by Lowry Digital Video, which is not part of Lucasfilm. The Mac Observer apologizes for the error.)