HTML Editor PageSpinner Beta Release

Optima System has released a beta version of PageSpinner, bringing it to version 4.0. PageSpinner is an HTML editor for use with AppleWorks 6 databases. The latest beta version has performance enhancements including mutilple undo support and 20 Web settings. According to Optima Systems:

Today Optima System released PageSpinner 4.0 Beta 1, a preview of the new version of the HTML Editor for Macintosh.

PageSpinner 4.0 is carbonized to run on Mac OS X and on Mac OS 8.6 and higher with CarbonLib installed

The new version also features support for multiple undo/redo in the HTML editor and can use up to 8 user-selectable browsers for previews.

Settings for up to 20 Web sites can now be stored in the Web Site preferences and better META tag support is also added in version 4.0.

You can find more information about the PageSpinner beta version at the Optima System Web site. PageSpinner 4.0 will be available for US$29.95.