Halloween Screensavers Available

MacScreenSavers.com has released four new screen savers especially for the haunting season. Featuring the MacScreenSaveris mascot, Blinky, the screen savers are sure to help get people in the mood for Halloween. According to MacScreenSavers:

MacScreenSavers.com has posted four FREE Halloween Screen Savers, exclusively for Mac users - "Scary Blinky", "Bruce the Spider", "Halloween - H20" and "ID4 - Halloween".

Blinky, the host of MacScreenSavers.com gives himself 4 thumbs up for "Scary Blinky" where for the first time ever Blinky appears riding a broomstick. The Screen Saver also features glowing pumpkins, sinister clouds, and goblins popping up from the bottom of your screen.

Halloween H20 and Independence Day - Halloween, are Screen Savers from feature films - ID4 includes ambient sounds of crickets, frogs and wolves, and a field of pumpkins being vaporized by an alien spacecraft.

Rounding out the field is Bruce the Spider from BBC Online, Featuring "Bruce the [jumping] spider". A very cute black blob with eight legs and two eyes that take up most of its body. Watch it create mischief with icons on a virtual desktop.

Get iem while theyire hot, these Screen Savers are only available for a limited time!

MacScreenSavers.com features hundreds of free Mac only Screen Savers. Blinky the four-thumbed site host reviews and rates screen savers with one to four thumbs up.

You can find more information at the MacScreenSavers web site.