Handheld Wireless Connectivity From Red-M

Red-M is now shipping Bluetooth, a new wireless module for handheld computers. Bluetooth is designed to connect a fitted phone to a handheld for Internet and email access. The Bluetooth module is compatible with Handspring handhelds. According to Red-M:

Red-M(tm), a pioneer in advanced wireless networking solutions, today launches an addition to the Red-M Blade family, with its Bluetooth module for Handspring Visor handheld computers. The Red-M Blade is easily inserted into the Springboard(tm) expansion slot in the back of the device giving users quick and easy access to Bluetooth wireless mobility.

Features of Red-M Blade:

  • Access email, calendar, contacts and browse the Internet or Intranet anywhere
  • Communicate with other Bluetooth enabled devices for data sharing and game-playing
  • Send SMS messages and auto-dial contacts direct from a Handspring Visor
  • Connects without wires in the home, on the road or in the office

The latest member of the Red-M Blade family of products enables users of the Handspring Visor Platinum, Edge, Prism, Pro & Neo to connect anytime, anywhere to a Bluetooth mobile phone to enable easy access to the Internet, email, calendar and other data. The Red-M Blade can also identify and connect with other authorized Bluetooth devices, such as a PC or Bluetooth in-building network for wireless access and synchronization.

You can find more information about Bluetooth at the Red-M Web site. The Bluetooth module is avilable for US$179.00.