Handspring Ships VisorPhone, Adds Japanese Visor Edge

Handspring has announced the Japanese version of Visor Edge and the shipping of VisorPhone Springboard modules to major store chains. It has also received suppport from Franklin Electronic Publishers who are making medical references available on Handspring handhelds. According to Hanspring:

Handspring today unveiled a Japanese-language version of its super-thin Visor EdgeTM handheld computer for the Japanese market. Visor Edge, already popular in the U.S. market, is Handspringis first slim-design handheld, combining a sleek and lightweight metal casing with the optional expandability of the Springboard platform.

Visor Edge offers a crisp monochrome screen, a rechargeable battery and all of the enhanced performance benefits of the popular Visor Platinum edition. Based on Palm OS 3.5.2H2, Visor Edge is also the first Visor product to be available in a metal casing, which comes in three new metallic colors: silver, blue and red. With a small and easily detachable Springboard slot that slides onto and off of the back of the product, Visor Edge is compatible with all existing Springboard modules. The detachable slot gives people the option to use Springboard expansion products as needed while affording the benefits of a more slim design when modules are not in use. Silver and red product will be available in Japan in April and blue will ship in May.

VisorPhone Springboard Module

Handspring, Inc. today announced regional retail availability for its VisorPhone Springboard expansion module through 48 Best Buy stores in California and Nevada and 187 Staples stores in California, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. Cingular Wireless, a leading GSM (Global Systems for Mobile Communications) wireless service provider in the United States, will provide the service plans for all of those markets.

Handspring recently announced national service availability in February with the additions of VoiceStream Wireless and Powertel, Inc., in addition to the service initially provided by Cingular Wireless. U.S. customers can now purchase and use their VisorPhone in GSM service areas covering over 6,000 U.S. and Canadian cities and towns. Handspring is aggressively working to offer VisorPhone in North American retail stores and carrier stores nationwide over the next several months.

Medical references

Franklin Electronic Publishers, Inc. today announced the availability of three additional medical reference Springboard modules for Handspring Visor handheld computers. The titles join the 2001 Physiciansi Desk Reference, published by Thomson Healthcare, already available as a Springboard module.

The Medical Letteris Handbook of Adverse Drug Interactions, McGraw-Hillis Harrisonis Principles of Internal Medicine Companion Handbook, and The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, all are currently available for sale through the Handspring module and accessory store within the PalmGear Web site

The titles are compatible with the Handspring Visor family of handhelds including Handspring Visor, Visor Deluxe, Visor Prism, Visor Platinum, and Visor Edge using the Palm OS version 3.0 and higher. All three titles contain the text version of their soft cover editions, and let medical professionals customize notes directly in the text for future reference. All three include alpha-searchable bookmarks and spell correction.

The Visor Edge Japanese and VisorPhone are respectively available for 44,800 Yen and US$299. You can find more information at Handspringis site.