Haute Couture Fashion Designer Hoards iPod

Karl Lagerfeld, the world famous fashion designer, has grown his iPod collection to about 70 devices, he tells The Telegraph in a story that mostly covers his current fashion work and his controversial opinion of plus sizes.

Lagerfeld reveals that his idea of relaxation is to lie in a bath listening to one of his 70 iPods. "I have some white ones but lots of metallic pinks, blues. I have had every single CD I have downloaded. I enjoy gadgets."

Responding to the question that his iPod collection seems a little eccentric, he replied, "If I like something I like to have a lot of it. Eccentric? Perhaps I am. But then I know only how I am, not how others are. I never compare, I never compete."

Ironically, in the same article he is quoted as saying, "Those who are undisciplined become fat. There is something distasteful about their inability to control themselves. To be thin takes control and rigour."

Evidently control neednit extend to consumption iPods, according to Lagerfeld.