"Haxie" Update From Unsanity

Unsanity has released a new version of FruitMenu, bringing it to version 1.5. FruitMenu is a "haxie" for OS X hacks that adds functionality to a users OS. FruitMenu is designed to redefine the Apple Menu by allowing the custom creation of the Menu. The app ships with several features including shell script running from the Apple Menu and faster submenus than OS X. According to Unsanity:

MacOS X may be great, fast, stable, and useful, but sometimes you surely will need a feature or two added. We at Unsanity are producing additions, or "hacks" for MacOS X that add extra functionality to MacOS X. We call them haxies (mix ihacki with iXi from MacOS X, and youill get a haxie).

 FruitMenu is a haxie that totally redefines your standard Apple Menu. You think itis long, disorganized and not useful enough? Ever wished to put all your hard drives in the Apple Menu like you could in MacOS 9? You wish the control over the Apple Menu contents was in your hands and not in Appleis? Then FruitMenu is the answer. This small and useful haxie will help you build your own Apple Menu, the way you like it.


  • Customize the Apple Menu layout the way you want it
  • View and open files, folders and disks in the Apple Menu
  • Run shell scripts from the Apple Menu
  • Open the Preference Pane you want from the Apple Menu
  • Assign hotkeys to your files and Apple Menu items
  • Recent Applications and Documents submenus are faster than default MacOS X ones

You can find more information about the FruitMenu update at the Unsanity Web site. FruitMenu 1.5 is available for US$7.00.