Heading To Mecca: Spanish User Group Offers Trip From Madrid To MACWORLD

MACWORLD NY provides a unique opportunity for Mac users world wide. The Expo and the setting allows Mac fans to visit one of the worldis great cities while soaking in all things Macintosh. This opportunity is not lost on one Spanish user group. Miguel Cornejo has written to inform us that they are planning a mass exodus from Madrid to New York for all the MACWORLD festivities. Not only that, but hotel, expo tickets, and transportation are all covered. According to Mr. Cornejo:

Hi again, friends,

This is probably the most idiotic thing weive done yet, but weive gone and organized a mass (letis hope) trip from Madrid to New York for MacWorld Expo in July :-).

This has been attempted before by other Spanish user groups and sites and never reached critical mass, but this time itis far more serious, far more organized... and a far better offer, too. Itis seven days, five nights, good hotel, good transportation, the full packet.

Actually, if it doesnit really lift off weill be losing buckets of money... weire guaranteeing a fixed price, regardless of the number of people.

This is the link to the article explaining the details of the project. We would appreciate it getting as much exposure as possible. And will look forward to meeting you there :-).

"Viaja a la Expo de Nueva York con Macuarium - Siete d?as con doble raci?n de manzanas" (http://www.macuarium.com/macuarium/actual/especiales/2001_05_18_viaje1.shtml)

Thanks again for your support. Best regards,

Miguel Cornejo

You can find more information on this neat opportunity at the Macuarium Web site.