Hey, Want To See What My Network Looks Like?

Dartware has released a new beta version of their visual network representation program, InterMapper. Version 3.0b4 contains a number of bug fixes. InterMapper shows a graphical representation of all connected components of a network. According to Dartware:

InterMapper 3.0 is a network monitoring and alerting program that watches over the network and the servers connected to it, and notifies the network manager when there are problems. See the Features section for more information about what InterMapper can do for you.

If youive tried InterMapper 3.0 before, you should know that it has a host of new features, including many new probe types, easier map construction using autodiscovery of devices, a built-in web server that displays the status of the network, customizable web pages so that you an see the information the way you like it, and password access to the web pages so that only certain individuals may see the information.

This is a quick note to say that a new beta version - InterMapper 3.0b4 - is available. It contains minor bug fixes; the Stuffit archive contains a release note with a full description of the changes.

This beta release of InterMapper is free. You can find more information at the Dartware web site.