Home-grown TiVoToGo

Windows users have been able to take advantage of TiVoToGo to copy shows from their TiVo to their PC for some time now. Mac users, on the other hand, have not. Unless you take advantage of the efforts of several Mac programmers, that is.

NowPlaying 2 NowPlaying is a free Dashboard widget that lets you see which shows you have recorded on your TiVo. If you click the status button to the left of the showis name, you also get an option to download the file to your Mac. It downloads the .tivo file, but doesnit convert it into a format you can watch. For that youill need something like TiVo Decoder.

This widget shows whatis on your TiVo, and lets you download it, too.

TiVo Decoder 1.3 TiVo Decoder converts .tivo files into MPEG-2. You can view the converted file on your Mac - I use MPlayer OS X. Like NowPlaying, TiVo Decoder is free.

Drag your .tivo files onto TiVo Decoder to convert them to MPEG-2.

TiVoDecode Manager 2 TiVoDecode Manager is an all-in-one application that downloads shows from your TiVo and then converts them into MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 files. Itis easy to use, and cuts down the steps it takes to get shows off of your TiVo. This one is free, too.

TiVoDecode Manager downloads and converts your .tivo files with a mouse click.

For some users, TiVoDecode Manager fails to download shows. If thatis you, try NowPlaying instead. Odds are it will work.

Remember: With great power comes great responsibility. Donit use these applications to steal movies and TV shows.

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