Hook Your iPod To Four Wheels And A V8

Dr. Bott is now shipping an Auto Charger and a Connection Kit for Appleis new iPod. The Auto Charger connects your iPod to a car cigarette lighter through the firewire port for battery recharging. The Connection Kit provides connectivity for iPod to practically anything. According to Dr. Bott:

Dr. Bott is proud to announce Auto Charger for iPod™ and iPod™ Connection Kit.

iPod™ offers unprecedented mobility for your music, not to mention exceptional battery life for those on the go. Dr. Bott is building on what Apple has started to offer accessories that get those 1000 songs out of your pocket and into your car, home, or wherever you are.

Dr. Bottis Auto Charger for iPod™ ensures that you are never far from a full battery nor will you be caught on the road without the power you need to keep your music flowing. Auto Charger for iPod™ connects to the standard 12 Volt DC cigarette lighter found in most any car and provides power to the FireWire port of the iPod™.

Dr. Bottis iPod™ Connection Kit includes everything you might need to bring your music anywhere you might want it. iPod™ Connection Kit provides most every option for connecting to iPodis 3.5-mm stereo headphone jack to automobile stereo systems, home stereo systems, mic input of computers and other devices, boom boxes, and clock radios. The kit includes an Auto Charger, FM Transmitter, various audio cables and a carry pouch.

You can find more information about the iPod Kits at the Dr. Bott Web site. The Auto Charger is available for US$24.95, and the Connection Kit is available for US$49.95.