HyperPort Rescues old HyperCard Stacks

Danny Goodman has released HyperPort, itself a Classic program that migrates data from old HyperCard stacks and makes them accessible to modern Mac OS X applications.

"As Mac OS X users know, HyperCard requires Classic Mode. But with the arrival of Leopard, Classic Mode is no more, even on non-Intel Macs. If youive worried about losing data youive accumulated in HyperCard stacks by upgrading to Leopard or moving to a new Intel-based Mac, you can use HyperPort before you upgrade to export the data and then import it into your choice of nifty current Mac OS X applications," Mr. Goodman wrote on his Website.

Because HyperPort is itself a HyperCard stack, it will require Classic to run. The program is free and unsupported. A PDF manual is also supplied.