Hyperbolic Gets Some Bugs Out Of The Smart Trash

Hyperbolic Software has released an update for Smart Trash, bringing it to version 1.0.2. Smart Trash is a utility designed to enhance the standard Mac trash feature set. The maintenance update fixes several bugs. According to Hyperbolic Software:

Smart Trash 1.0.2 was released!

Smart Trash enhances the functions of the Mac OS X trash by adding several menu options including:
selective file deletion, extensive logging, the ability to empty the trash on specific volumes, and more!

Whatis new:

  • Fixed a bug that causes the loss of some images
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes wouldnit erase the items selected in the "Smart Delete" window
  • Fixed some cosmetic bugs

You can find more information about the Smart Trash update at the Hyperbolic Software Web site. Smart Trash 1.0.2 is available shareware for US$15.00.