Hyperbolic Releases Maintenance Update For Doublet Scan

Hyperbolic Software has released a maintenance update for Doublet Scan, bringing it to version 10.0.7. Doublet Scan is a file search utility designed to locate duplicate file names on a users hard drive. The update features bug fixes and search improvements. According to Hyperbolic Software:

Doublet Scan 10.0.7 was released.

Doublet Scan 10 is the most advanced program available to take advantage of the latest OS X technologies to find any kind of duplicates on your volumes.

Doublet Scan 10 is an evolution, completely redesigned and rewritten, of the older Doublet Scan that was designed for the Classic Mac OS and successively adapted for OS X.

Whatis new:

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes crashed Doublet Scan when attempting to quit the application
  • Fixed a bug that didnit recognize Doublet Scan as an application with the System was prior to 10.2
  • Improved the search algorithm for foreign operating systems

You can find more information about the Doublet Scan 10 update at the Hyperbolic Software Web site. Doublet Scan 10.0.7 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$25.00.