Hyperthreading, Memory Controllers Coming to Intel Chips

Intelis new computer chip line, code-named Nehalem, is scheduled to come out in 2008, and it will sport two features many users have been waiting for: Hyperthreading and memory controller technology. CNET News reports that Pat Gelsinger, Intelis Digital Enterprise Group senior vice president, revealed the information during a briefing on Wednesday.

Hyperthreading, or the ability to run two independent software processes simultaneously in a single processor core, will allow computers to potentially manage applications more efficiently. Memory controllers will give the chips a faster pathway to computer memory.

Nehalem chips will also be more configurable than other processors today since processor designers can choose which components to include in their chips based on how they will be used. Mr. Gelsinger called Nehalem "the first dynamically scalable microarchitecture."

The flexibility of Nehalem means that companies like Apple can more easily design processors for specific computer models ranging from entry-level laptops to top of the line pro towers and servers. The processors will contain between one and eight cores, and will take advantage of Intelis 45-nanometer manufacturing process.