IBM Announces The PowerPC 750CXe...Again

IBM has announced the PowerPC 750CXe processor today. Of course, they also announced it last May, but press for the G3 is press for the G3. IBM originally announced the PowerPC 750CXe in May of 2000, along with the PowerPC 750CX, but appears to be relaunching the processors today with changes to the specs from the earlier announcement. The PDFs for the product were last updated on February 1st of this year. When the processors were first announced, they worked with 100 MHz system busses. The changes include the ability to work on the faster 133 MHz system bus. The PowerPC 750CXe is currently powering the high end 500 and 600 MHz iMac models. According to IBM:

IBM today announced its highest performing embedded PowerPC® processor - the PowerPC 750CXe. While the PowerPC 750CXe is used as a stand-alone high-performance microprocessor in consumer-based desktop computers, it is also being used increasingly as an embedded processor in a broad range of networking and imaging applications.

The new PowerPC microprocessor will be available in speeds from 400 to 700 MHz and employs IBMis advanced 0.18-micron copper wiring technology. The finer circuit geometries and copper interconnects contribute to higher clock speeds and lower power consumption than competitive chip architectures.

The PowerPC 750CXe microprocessor is IBMis fastest embedded PowerPC processor and incorporates 256KB of high speed on-chip L2 cache, designed to enhance system performance, reduce system costs and avoid performance bottlenecks.

The new chip incorporates IBMis copper chip technology which enhances chip performance, while reducing die size and power consumption. IBM is the first chip maker to introduce copper-based embedded processors for use in an assortment of electronic products, from computers, consumer appliances and networking and imaging systems.

The IBM PowerPC architecture has already been selected for a variety of applications in networking gear and network-attached products including: base stations, routers, modems, Internet-access phones, digital TV boxes, laser printers, optical switches, RAID controllers, and personal computers.

Samples of the 400, 500 and 600 MHz PowerPC 750CXe are available immediately, with production ramping in April, and 700 MHz is targeted to be sampling in May. Based on quantities of 10k, pricing is as follows: $57 for 400 MHz, $93.75 for 500 MHz and $143.75 for 600 MHz.

You can find more information on these processors at IBMis Web site, including PDFs for those so inclined. Low End Mac also has a page on all the processors used in Macintosh systems.