IOGEAR Ships DVI KVMP Switch With Audio, USB Sharing

IOGEAR on Monday announced that itis now shipping its latest keyboard, video, mouse, peripheral (KVMP) switch, a model that uses the Digital Video Interface (DVI) for connecting flat panel monitors, plasma displays, digital TVs or other high-resolution screens to multiple computers. The new switch, which comes in two- and four-port versions, enables users to use two or four computers from a single keyboard, mouse and monitor. External hard drives, printers and other peripherals can also be added to the setup and accessed from any computer.

The DVI KVMP Switch offers independent switching, which enables a user to, for example, start a print job on one computer and then switch to another system while it continues. Itis hot-pluggable, can transfer files at speeds up to 12Mbps, and includes an Auto Scan mode that monitors all the computers connected to it. The two-port version is US$249.95 while the four-port edition is $349.95.

The four-port version of IOGEARis new switch