IOGEAR Ships USB 2 Hard Drives

IOGEAR is now shipping a 3.5" USB hard drive for Mac storage solutions. The ION features USB 2 with data transfer rates over 40 times faster than other USB 1 devices. The drives can be used as back-up or as primary storage devices. According to IOGEAR:

IOGEAR surges ahead with its latest 3.5" ION, a USB 2.0 portable hard drive solution, offering users faster speeds to store, share and back-up information.

Transferring data up to 40 times faster than original USB devices, ION provides data storage for users to easily install any major brand hard drive to quickly save files, such as MP3s, digital photos or important documents. It also enables users to share data across USB-based peripherals when connected over a network. Both lightweight (.40 lbs.) and compact (3.1" x 2.4" x 3.8"), the portable device allows consumers to transfer data across multiple computers in different physical locations.

You can find more information about the ION hard drives at the IOGEAR Web site. The ION hard drives start at US$249.95 for 40 GB enclosures.