IRIDAS Shipping OS X Version Of FrameCycler MP

IRIDAS is now shipping an OS X version of FrameCycler MP. FrameCycler MP is a cross-platform utility designed for the playback of animated sequences. The release features support for Appleis Shake and provides cross-platform access for mixed platform animation houses. According to IRIDAS:

Soon after releasing FrameCycler Multi Platform (MP) for Windows and Linux, IRIDAS, a pioneer in digital intermediate technology for the film and animated content creation industries, has extended platform compatibility of its industry leading playback software to include Mac OS X.

Now, mixed environment postproduction facilities with workstations running on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms can create a fully integrated sequence review infrastructure with FrameCycler MP. In addition, FrameCycler MP now supports flipbooking from Appleis acclaimed Shake software.

Mac users now have access to the powerful FrameCycler toolset including real time, uncompressed playback, scrubbing with sound, AB Channels, Quick Compositing and a host of new features included in the new, multi platform version.

You can find more information about the FrameCycler MP for OS X release at the IRIDAS Web site. FrameCycler MP is available for US$249.00.