ITWire: Microsoft Engineer Admits Vista Bloat

A Microsoft senior engineer, with the title "distinguished engineer," admitted to the Vista bloat and described his vision for the future -- Windows with a leaner core, WinMin, according to ITWire on Monday.

Each version of Windows has been more bloated. Worse, since the Internet, Microsoftis pride and joy OS hasnit been so safe. "An entire multi-billion industry has sprung up over the past decade devoted entirely to protecting the sorry asses of us poor dopes who have allowed ourselves to be conned into believing the next release of Windows will fix everything. And yet we continue to pay and pay believing that some day Microsoft will get it right," Stan Beer wrote.

ItWire heard from Eric Traut, a Microsoft distinguished engineer who admitted to the failings of Windows bloat. Mr. Traut envisioned a new "MinWin" core thatis just 25 MB compared to Vistais 4 GB core. "...itis ... actually going to be a hypervisor virtualization layer for the next Windows operating system - or something like that," Mr. Beer noted.

Mr. Beer wondered why Microsoft is bothering and suggested just using a UNIX core. "Perhaps itis time for Winix," he wrote.