IT Business: Apple Canada Ready For IT Business

Apple has made some impressive strides in marketing its products to IT shops here in the States, many companies suffering from shrinking budgets and bad karma from Microsoft are finding Appleis offerings to be good for what ails them.

Thatis fine, but Apple doesnit only exist in the US marketplace. What of our northern neighbors? Are Canadian companies seeing the benefits in Appleis IT product line-up; and, more importantly, does Apple Canada have the infrastructure to service an IT market in Canada?

According to a report in IT Business, a Canadian publication that focuses on information technology in Canada, Apple has done a lot enhance its IT presence in Canada. The article focuses on Mary Percat, channel strategy and development manager for Apple Canada. Hereis a bit of that article:

For Mary Percat, this past year has borne the fruit of her labour.

Percat, channel strategy and development manager for Apple Canada, has been instrumental in developing a new channel for Apple Canada and recruiting new VARs in enterprise and storage markets.

"This has been a really cutting year for all these product announcements and the growth of our products," said Percat.

At a time when many of Appleis competitors are downsizing, sheis proud that Apple decided to invest rather than cut back.

"A lot of manufacturers like ourselves have felt the pressure of the industry slump. Theyive chosen not to release new products or laid off thousands of people."

Appleis strategy was crafted about five years ago when the slump started.

The article goes on to examine how Ms. Percat expanded Appleis Canadian IT presence, which is now being to show very positive results.. Read the full article at the IT Business website.