Iconfactory Updates Iconbuilder Pro

Iconfactory has updated their icon creation utility, IconBuilder Pro, to version 3.0. IconBuilder Pro allows Adobe Photoshop users to easily create icons for both the Mac OS and Windows, including the forthcoming Windows XP. According to Iconfactory:

Iconfactory Announces Availability of IconBuilder Pro 3.0 for the Macintosh

The Iconfactory is pleased to announce the immediate availability of IconBuilder Pro 3.0, a filter for use with Adobe Photoshop for constructing Macintosh and Windows icons.

The new version of IconBuilder Pro adds several new features and extends the capabilities of creating icons for both the Mac and Windows platform. These new features include:

  • Support for Windows XP - IconBuilder Pro is the first icon creation program to support building of icons for Microsoftis new XP operating system, due to be released this fall.
  • QuickConvert - With this new feature, it is now easier than ever to convert Macintosh icons to Windows or vice versa. With a single click, users can change a Mac OS 9.1 icon with anti-aliased edges to the new .ico format for Windows XP, or even the reverse. This makes moving icons from one platform to another simple, easy and quick.
  • Resource protection - IconBuilder Pro 3.0 now safeguards you against including unnecessary resources in your Macintosh and Windows icons. This helps reduce file sizes and eliminates possible display errors under older versions of the Mac and Windows OS.

IconBuilder Pro is available for US$69. You can find more information at the Iconfactory Web site.