If Then Software Shipping Mac Based Trivia Game

If Then Software has released a new app for Mac gamers, MacTrivia 1.0. MacTrivia is a game designed to test a playeris knowledge of everything Apple and Macintosh related. The game ships with a 25 question starter pack with the option of larger question pack downloads. According to If Then Software:

MacTrivia is a fun new game that will test your knowledge of Macintosh & Apple trivia with questions that range from very easy to extremely difficult.

The game ships with one default 25-question starter pack for you to play with, and then, you can donate to If Then Software for some other larger question packs ( there are currently 3 100-question packs available.

The game features timed-play, an automatically saved scoreboard which you can eMail to friends after the game is over, variable-point questions, and a random question bonus.

You can find more information about the MacTrivia release at the If Then Software Web site. MacTrivia is available as freeware, while the expanded question packs are available as donationware.