If Then Software Ships Journalizer 1.0

If Then Software is now shipping Journalizer for OS 10.2.2 users. Journalizer is a utility designed for the activation/ deactivation of file journaling within Macis latest OS. The app allows the configuring with out having to use command line coding. According to If Then Software:

If Then Software releases Journalizer 1.0.

This software will allow you to activate or deactivate Apple’s new file journaling feature without using the command line, and, you donit need to be running OS X server software.

File journaling is part of Mac OS X 10.2.2, and previous versions will not allow you to use file journaling. Use the software at you own risk, of course. You can learn more about file journaling at the Apple knowledge base archive at the Apple Website.

You can find more information about the Journalizer 1.0 release at the If Then Software Web site. Journalizer is available as donationware.