If Then Software Updates Ipanema With Interface Mods

If Then Software has released an update for Ipanema, bringing it to version 1.3. Ipanema is a utility designed for tracking personal IP addresses. The update features interface mods and other enhancements. According to If Then Software:

Ipanema 1.3 released.

Ipanema will keep track of the IP addresses for ethernet, Airport, PPP, and a 3rd party ethernet card (if installed) and report to you the IP address automatically via OS X Mail whenever you wish.

You can also manually send a report of the addresses anytime. If an IP changes, it will automatically send you a report of what has changed. Ipanema also displays your "real" IP address if you are behind a firewall.

Changes to 1.3 include:

  • New graphics & interface changes
  • Ability to shut off external IP checking
  • Ability to specify when Ipanema checks for changes
  • The ports on the main screen are now labled

You can find more information about the Ipanema update at the If Then Software Web site. Ipanema is available as donationware.