Illustrator Gets Yet Another Plug-in

Artlandia has released a new plug-in for Adobe Illustrator, SymmetryWorks. SymmetryWorks allows users to easily create symmetrical surface designs, ideal for background images for Web pages, desktop pictures, or other works of digital art. According to Artlandia:

Artlandia has released Artlandia SymmetryWorks, a new productivity plug-in for Adobe Illustrator, the industry-standard illustration software. The plug-in automates creation of symmetry-based surface designs and ornaments for illustrations, wallpaper, fabrics, quilting, tilings, web pages, and other applications.

SymmetryWorks features a new object--the fully interactive, live pattern. The user applies the familiar Illustrator tools to edit elements in the seed of the pattern and the plug-in immediately updates the pattern to reflect the changes.

The SymmetryWorks patterns can consist of any Illustrator path objects, including clipping masks and compound paths. The repeating parts stack together as simple, self-contained blocks or form complex interlocking shapes. If desired, expansion of the pattern into conventional Illustrator objects or conversion to the standard Illustrator patterns are possible.

Based on mathematical rules for creating symmetrical patterns, the plug-in does not require the knowledge of those rules from the user. The SymmetryWorks options palette provides seventeen symmetry controls that generate a stream of designs with a click of the mouse.

SymmetryWorks is available for US$124.95. You can find more information at the Artlandia Web site.