Illustrator Users Get New Tools

Sapphire Innovations has updated their collection of Adobe Illustrator tools, The Sapphire Pack, to version 4. The Sapphire Pack 4 contains ten new tools for Illustrator users, allowing them greater flexibility and control over their designs. The Sapphire Pack 4 also includes a number of time-saving features. According to Sapphire Innovations:

Sapphire Innovations, today announced Sapphire Pack 4, a new 10-in-1 plugin for Illustrator 8/9.

10 new additions to the Illustrator toolbox in one:

  • Drag paths or selected paths to
  • duplicate rows and columns of paths
  • create a checkerboard of paths
  • create circular patterns .. and repeat
  • Drag/scale/bounce/twists and turns... and more.
  • spirals
  • random paths for quick brush creation or fills
  • and more

A powerful interactive plugin packed with 100s of options .. trail cursor path, colour changes, random colour effects.

The Sapphire Pack 4 is available for US$43. You can find more information at the Sapphire Innovations Web site.