Import Tables Between Databases With Import Tool J

MacOS GURU has released Import Tool J for Mac users. Import Tool J is an import utility designed for importing text files and data sources via the Web. The app ships with support for copying tables directly between different database servers and other features. According to MacOS GURU:

MacOS GURU is proud to announce the release of Import Tool J.

Import Tool J is an universal utility to import data from text files (CSV, tab-delimited, etc.), JDBC data sources or via a Web connection (PHP/MySQL) into any JDBC compliant database server.

Besides the basic features most import tools offer, Import Tool J allows you to directly copy tables between different database servers. This feature is able to make backups from a production database to a development database, or to copy tables between database servers from different vendors.

Additionally, as most ISP’s don’t offer direct access to the hosted MySQL database server most graphical tools cannot access the remote database server. Import Tool J includes a PHP / MySQL interface to copy databases located at your ISP via a PHP web connection to your local system.

Import Tool J is completely written in Java and is available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. It uses the special features of Apple’s Java implementation delivered with Mac OS X to seamlessly integrate Java applications into Apple’s next generation operating system.

You can find more information about the Import Tool J release at the MacOS GURU Web site. Import Tool J is available as freeware.