Improve Your Stickie Power

Chronos LC has released an update for StickyBrain, bringing it to 1.3.1. StickyBrain 1.3.1 is a utility that improves on the functionality of Appleis own Stickies application that ships with all Macs. The update has new features and bug fixes as well as a new "spokesmodel." According to Chronos LC:

Chronos LC today announced the release of StickyBrain 1.3.1 calling it the "best utility you never knew you needed". This is the first full update of the software since version 1.2.1 was released in April of this year.

StickyBrain is a replacement for the Stickies application that comes with all Macintosh computers. It includes a full-featured word processor and can be used to write letters, keep to-do lists, remember phone numbers, e-mail addresses and internet passwords. It can remind users of upcoming appointments and when they need to pay their bills. It can even tell you how many pecks are in a bushel.

StickyBrain includes a feature called "HotKeys" that lets it communicate with other programs such as a web browser. If a user sees an interesting article on the web, they can hit a special HotKey and the article will be saved as a sticky note in StickyBrain. The more StickyBrain is used, the more indispensable it becomes-it is the one place to store all of the miscellaneous information that accumulates from day to day.

StickyBrain 1.3.1 includes a number of bug fixes and other improvements. The most visible change is the "spokesmodel" for the software who appears in everything from the program icon to dialog boxes. Gone is the bald, blue, futuristic-looking cyberchick of previous versions. She has been replaced with an intelligent, attractive blond woman who, according to Robert McCullough at Chronos, "shouldnit creep anyone out".

The Mac OS X version of StickyBrain now comes as a true OS X package, complete with a scalable program icon for the OS X Dock. "Mac OS X provides an incredibly rich interface and weire happy to fully support it in this latest release of StickyBrain" said Mr. McCullough.

Other improvements include commands for inserting calendars into sticky notes and the ability to display any type of picture as the background of a sticky note. The software is available as a Classic application for Mac OS 8.1 thru 9.2 and a Carbon application for Mac OS X.

You can find more information about StickyBrain at the Chronos LC Web site. StickyBrain 1.3.1 is available to download for US$34.99.