Improve Your Stickie Power

Chronos LC has released a full update for StickyBrain, bringing it to version 2. StickyBrain is a utility that improves on the functionality of Appleis own Stickies application that comes on all Macs. The latest version features several performance enhancements including Boolean searches and a visual data filter. According to Chronos LC:

Chronos LC today announced the release of StickyBrain 2, a productivity application that lets the user store anything and find anything with one click.

StickyBrain 2 solves a long-standing problem for computer users: where does one put all the miscellaneous information that doesn’t neatly fit anywhere else? StickyBrain’s slogan is “Store anything. Find anything. One click.”


  • Sticky Browser performs Boolean searches like an Internet search engine
  • System-Wide Contextual Menu for one click storing and finding
  • Sticky Slider visually filters data
  • Web Page Grabber quickly captures web articles
  • Calculator With Tape records calculations
  • Text Cleanup enhances appearance of text
  • Aqua Stickies offers a modern look
  • Security Options hides and password protects private data
  • Scroll Wheel Support under OS X
  • Service Menu Support under OS X
  • Critical Alarm Option reminds until dismissed

You can find more information about the StickyBrain release at the Chronos LC Web site. StickyBrain 2 is available for US$39.99.