Indigo 3 Improves iPhone Support, More

Perceptive Automation announced the immediate availability of Indigo 3.0 on Wednesday. The new version of the Mac-based home automation system improved support for iPhone Web-based remote control and added support for the INSTEON Thermostat Adapter for Venstar thermostats.

The new version also supports remote lighting scene management after the host Mac is turned off, uploading basic logic and schedules to the INSTEON PowerLinc 2414U computer interface, adds compatibility for OutletLinc, KeypadLinc Relay, EZIO6I Input Controller, EZX10RF Wireless Sensor Receiver, EZSwitch30, IRLinc Converter, and other advanced INSTEON modules, and more.

Indigo 3.0 is available at the Perceptive Automation Web site and is priced at US$179.95.