Inferiis Updates KeepAnEye With Observer Enhancements

Inferiis has released an update for KeepAnEye, bringing it to version 1.1. KeepAnEye is a utility designed for the visual tracking of various types of data. The update features observer library enhancements and new observer plug-ins. According to Inferiis:

Inferiis is happy to announce that KeepAnEye 1.1 has just been released.

KeepAnEye is a multipurpose monitoring and notification utility which helps you to stay informed efficiently. It lets you watch pieces of information by generating visual representations which can be freely organized on the screen.

Moreover, it observes them and provides a general notification system upon dedicated events to warn you when something interesting happens. RSS feeds, pictures, web pages, disk usage, software updates, IP addresses... Taking advantage of a flexible plug-in architecture, various kinds of information can be supported within a single, homogenous application.

This release includes major improvements of the observer library. It has been revamped and it is now hierarchical. Groups can now be created to put observers and other groups inside in order to arrange the library appropriately. The groups can then be collapsed to make the management of the observers easy.

Two new observer plug-ins have also be added. The "eBay" plug-in lets survey auctions and sales from the eBay™ marketplace. It provides real time information about the observed items and is able to detect various events like new bids.

You can find more information about the KeepAnEye update at the Inferiis Web site. KeepAnEye pricing information is available by contacting the Inferiis sales team.