Infinisys Releases English Version Of Mail Magic

Infinisys, Ltd has released an English version of Mail Magic for Mac users. Mail Magic is an email utility designed for merging customized emails. The app ships with several features including bulk mail delivery for up to 30,000 recipients and HTML or binary data attachment support. According to Infinisys:

On June 17th Infinisys, Ltd. a software developer in Japan, announced that it had begun online sales of the English version of its popular email merge software for the Macintosh, "Mail Magic". Mail Magic allows you to create customized emails, by reading in a data file containing the details you want to insert into the emails, such as names, addresses etc.

In addition to personal use, Mail Magic has many applications for business as well. For example software vendors can personalize upgrade notices by including the names, customer numbers, etc. of their users. Internet vendors can add a personal touch to direct mails to their registered customers. Whether for home or business use Magic Mail is certain to become indispensable to anyone who uses email.


  • Send up to 30,000 mails at a time
  • Send HTML mail and binary data attachments
  • Use up to 10 customizable fields per mail
  • Can read either TAB-delineated or comma delineated data files
  • Preview feature lets you check how each recipientis mail will look
  • Includes free HTML mail templates and data base template files (for AppleWorks and ClarisWorks)
  • Works in native mode in OS X

You can find more information about the Mail Magic release at the Infinisys, Ltd. Web site. Mail Magic is available for US$20.00.