InfoWorld Offers Reaction From Japanese Mac Users To Macworld Tokyo Cancellation

As reported last week, IDG World Expos has canceled Macworld Tokyo 2003. The reasons for the cancellation hinged on Apple not committing to exhibiting at the event, which in turn led other major vendors to also back out. IDG World Expos cancelled the event without an announcement, which was noticed and reported on by MacUser UK. InfoWorld today published an article by Kuriko Miyake that offers a look at reaction to the events from Japanese Mac users. From the article:

"This is the saddest thing I ever heard," wrote one Japanese Mac user in an online message board of an Apple User Group. "I always buy lots of software and peripherals at the expo and come home with heavy bags."

Another user who runs a Web site for Mac users in Japan posted a comment saying: "I was really looking forward to go, expecting Apple would announce a new G4 at the next expo. The company should treat Japanese users more nicely, stupid Jobs." The latter comment referred to Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs.


A spokesman for co-organizer IDG Japan said, "We waited for Apple to see whether it will decide to participate in the show, however, there was no response from the company and we donit know the reason why."


Appleis Japan unit has not officially commented on any decision regarding Macworld/Expo Tokyo. "The company has not officially decided on anything," said Takashi Takebayashi, an Apple Computer spokesman. "We are still discussing on the matter and hopefully, will make an announcement soon."

There is additional information in the full article, and itis an interesting read.