Infoworld User Note: One Month with MacBook Air

Now that the MacBook Air has been in the field for awhile, users are starting to size up of the new computer. Paul Venezia was totally impressed, according to his note at Infoworld on Wednesday.

What was most impressive was the instant availability of the computer. "Iive only rebooted it once in that month, after installing some drivers, yet I use it every day. Thatis the key to usability for me. I loathe waiting for laptops or workstations to boot or dealing with OS issues. I have work to do. Open it up, log in, and launch another xterm, all within five seconds," Mr. Venezia noted.

The MacBook Air also suffered though some everyday abuse and survived. "Iive subjected my MacBook Air to daily use, dropped it once, had it sat upon by a careless individual not once, but twice, and have travelled with it via plane, train, and automobile," the author noted. "Iive used it for email, Web browsing, and Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD server administration. Iive written thousands of lines of code and thousands of words on it. Iive used it on a plane, on a desk, in a chair -- and I still dig my Air."

The list of sysadmin tasks the MacBook Air was used for was impressive. The only complaint was the distraction caused in the coffee shop when people see it. People just have to interrupt and chat about it.

For a writer, thatis not a bad problem to have.