Inquirer: Apple Does 'the Right Thing, not the Cheap Thing'

The Inquireris Charlie Demerjian on Monday posted a column in which he explains that Appleis computers are better than Windows machines simply because of "the fact that it doesnit compete." He notes that the PC world has "some amazing deals," but those computers use cheap parts and boring industrial design.

In contrast, Apple, he writes, does "the right thing, not the cheap thing ... The industrial design focus group is one turtleneck-wielding man ... It makes the case it wants to. It makes its own motherboard the way it wants to, it uses the right CPU, GPU and monitor panels."

Mr. Demerjian adds: "In the PC world, if you did any of this, you would end up with a box that costs $999, and all you competitors would be at $699 for the same CPU spec, the same GPU and the same everything. You would sell all of 12 pieces while Apple would move thousands."