Inside Mac Games Interviews Steve Jobs About Mac Gaming

Our friends at Inside Mac Games have posted an interview with Apple CEO Steve Jobs about gaming on the Mac platform. Apple executives are not known for giving interviews with online publications, especially on the topic of gaming, which makes this interview all that much more interesting. From that interview:

Mike Phillips: Since your return to Apple, gaming seems to have become important to the Mac platform. Why do you feel that games are necessary to the success and expansion of the Mac OS?

Steve Jobs: Simply put, games are fun and lots of people want to have fun with their Macs. When I returned to Apple a few years ago, games were viewed as something which would paint the Mac as a less-than-serious business tool, so game development was discouraged. We feel quite differently, and actively try to nurture our game developers.

The interview is short, but itis a good read. Other topics included are the new iMac, the G4, and online multiplayer games.